Construction and its formation strategy have been considered as the important issues for a long time. In this point of view,various methods have been introduced to optimize and adapt them according to the people needs in different times. Some of these methods have been considered by people and architectures as the important ones and have been used from a long time. But some other,were rejected and used only in a limited period of time. Nowadays,new and complex procedures have been introduced in the field of designing methods and implementation of urban spaces and architecture which are so helpful in the improvement of plans. Some of these procedures are renewable energy topics,data processing,digital architecture and resource management. On the other hand,cultural geography which is aligned with the way people think in different regions has had a significant influence on architecture formation and urbanism.

But with the advances in technology,acceleration in construction and globalization issues,such as people needs and debates like culture,subculture,domestic beliefs,identity and nativism,in modern days this important fact has been neglected. The congress ahead investigates and identifies the gaps and weaknesses of Persian architecture and tries to prepare a basis for the revival of cultural and religious identity and Islamic-Persian principles in it with a serious approach to the sustainable use of new methods in designing and architecture,in order to reach its goals.

1- Islamic-Iranian Architecture and Urban Planning
2- Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Design

3- Energy,Sustainable Architecture and Planning

4- Management and Planning

5-Landscape Architecture and Environmental Art
6-Natural Heritage,Tourism and Sustainable Development



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